Sudan: Ceasefire talks end without deal as violence increases

| December 15, 2014

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The warring parties in the Sudanese conflict have failed to agree on a ceasefire. Three weeks of negotiations to end a three-year-long conflict recently collapsed amid increased violence in the country.


A boy looks on as a military convoy of government forces arrives in Tabit village in North Darfur, Sudan, November 20, 2014. REUTERS/Mohamed Nureldin Abdallah

Talks ended largely because of a disagreement between the factions on whether ceasefires in the Blue Nile and South Kordofan regions should be negotiated in conjunction with a ceasefire in neighbouring Darfur. The conflict in Darfur – in which the Sudanese government was accused of genocide a decade ago – continues to rumble on.

Hussein Karshoum is a member of the government delegation. He says, “We see these as separate issues from each other, and each region has its specific needs.”

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