Nigeria: Experts offer solution to tomato pest infestation (AllAfrica)

| June 27, 2016

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Experts are offering advice to Nigerian tomato farmers on how to manage the pest, known as Tuta absoluta, that has wiped out harvests in many areas of the country. The advice includes controlling weeds, using pest-free transplants, planting certified seeds, and applying biological and chemical pesticides.

The group of experts offered their advice on integrated pest management in a statement from Croplife Nigeria.

The experts also advised farmers to wait a minimum of six weeks after destroying infested crops before planting again, to prevent the pest from carrying over to the next crop. For farmers using greenhouses, they suggested sealing the space with high quality nets that can exclude Tuta absoluta.

The pest can attack any part of the tomato plant at any stage in the growing process, leading to total crop destruction. It has been controlled in other countries around the world, and experts believe the pest can be controlled in Nigeria as well.

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