Nigeria: Cattle herders kill 82 in central Nigeria

| March 30, 2015

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Cattle herders killed 82 people and wounded 25 in a village in central Nigeria over grazing rights, according to local police.

Ezeala Austin is a police spokesperson. He explains, “It is [a] longstanding issue over grazing rights and cattle rustling between Egba and Fulani people.”

Hundreds of people have been killed over the past year in clashes between the semi-nomadic, cattle-herding Fulani and the more settled communities that practice mixed farming.

There are fears that these tensions could be exploited by politicians in the run-up to the presidential election. But Interior Minister Abba Moro says, “The killings in Egba have nothing to do with the upcoming elections.”

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Photo: Two herdsboys stand before their cattle as they attempt to cross a road at Toro Local Government Area in Bauchi State, North Central Nigeria, November 28, 2013. Credit: REUTERS Afolabi Sotunde