Malawi: Cuts in food aid for refugees

| January 25, 2016

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Thousands of refugees at a camp in central Malawi will soon run out of food supplies, UN agencies warned last week.

The World Food Programme, or WFP, says a lack of money has forced it to reduce food aid in the Dzaleka camp over the last six months.

More than 23,500 refugees from the Great Lakes and Horn of Africa regions live in the camp. They currently receive only 40 per cent of the minimum daily recommended calories.

The WFP and the UN refugee agency say that, without more funding, maize stocks will run out in mid-February, while vegetable oil, pulses, and nutrient-enhanced maize soya flour will likely be depleted by May.

The agencies say women and girls are less safe in the camp when rations are cut. Surveyed refugees say sexual and gender-based violence increases when food is lacking.

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Photo: Dzaleka camp Credit: World Food Programme