Guinea: Country free of Ebola

| June 6, 2016

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Guinea has reached the end of the period of active Ebola virus transmission, the World Health Organization said on June 1. This is the second such declaration for Guinea.

The declaration means that the person with Guinea’s last confirmed case of Ebola has tested negative for the virus twice. For the next 90 days, health workers will be on alert for any new cases.

Guinea was at the epicentre of the Ebola outbreak in 2015. During a recent outbreak in March, seven people were identified as being infected with Ebola. At least five died. A family of three in Liberia were also identified as infected, after they traveled from Guinea.

The Ebola virus can remain active in some body fluids for months, so there is a risk of another outbreak.

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Photo: Mamadou Kourouma, a volunteer from Red Cross Society of Guinea was in charge of one of the burial and disinfection teams in Conakry. Credit: Red Cross