Cameroon: Solar water system douses risk in arid north

| April 27, 2015

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A pioneering solar-powered water distribution system is improving access to drinking water in a part of the Far North region of Cameroon affected by drought and water-related diseases.

The project uses a 2,500 cubic metre collecting dam in the hills to store water. Solar-powered pumps force the water downhill through pipes to six neighbouring villages. The water is then piped onwards to a series of underground community wells.

The project aims to cut the distance women walk to collect water, and improve access to safe water.

Essimi Menye is Cameroon’s Minister of Agriculture. He says: “With this project, many irrigation schemes for both smallholder and large-scale farming are now envisaged. We are ready to support such initiatives to boost agriculture in the Far North.”

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Photo: A girl waits in line for water at the Minawao refugee camp, northern Cameroon, February 18, 2015. Credit: REUTERS/Bate Felix Tabi Tabe