Cameroon: Nigerian refugees pour into country to escape Boko Haram

| August 17, 2015

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A surge of refugees is fleeing into Cameroon and away from the insecurity in northeastern Nigeria and its border regions.

Every day, between 150 and 300 Nigerian refugees register at the Minawao camp, according to the UN refugee agency, UNHCR. The number of Cameroonians fleeing their homes has also increased.

Boko Haram has extended its reach further into Cameroon. Dozens of people were killed and hundreds more injured as five suicide bombings rocked the country’s Far North Region in recent weeks. The Cameroonian government has responded by tightening security, banning burkas and other full-face veils, and introducing curfews and checkpoint searches of vehicles and baggage.

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Photo: Displaced Nigerians expelled from Cameroon wait in line for a meal. Credit: OCHA