Cameroon: Boko Haram brings hunger to northern Cameroon

| February 16, 2015

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More than half a million people in Cameroon’s Far North Region are in urgent need of food aid, according to the country’s government. Attacks by Boko Haram have forced farmers to abandon their fields, and have shut down local markets and halted the movement of people and goods.

Food security, particularly along the border, is worsening as Nigerian refugees continue to arrive. Refugees often rely on host communities for food.

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs estimates that 54 per cent of households in the North and Far North regions of Cameroon are facing food shortages.

Midjiyawa Bakari is the governor of the Far North Region. He warns, “Unless something is done to aid farmers and supply local markets with basic commodities, the region is at risk of famine.”

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