Burundi: UN warns that violence imperils the region

| August 17, 2015

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The UN Special Representative for Central Africa, Abdoulaye Bathily, says the international community must act to keep the crisis in Burundi from escalating.

Burundi has been in chaos since late April and tensions have remained high. Residents of the capital Bujumbura can hear gunfire most nights.

Mr. Bathily says: “This escalation of violence is a danger for the whole region, and so something has to be done. After almost 20 years of violence … [and civil war] … it would be really sad for Burundi to plunge again into a new circle of violence. The time is for peace. The time is not for senseless killing, retaliation, reprisal.”

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Photo: Protesters cheer in front of a barricade during a demonstration against Burundian president’s decision to seek a third term in the Cibitoke neighborhood of Bujumbura on May 22, 2015. Credit:Carl De Souza / AFP / Getty Images