Burundi: General accuses president of dividing nation and seeks to oust him

| July 20, 2015

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A Burundian general-in-exile is still working to oust President Pierre Nkurunziza from power.

General Leonard Ngendakumana attempted a failed coup d’état last May. He has accused the president of stoking ethnic divisions in a country still trying to recover from civil war. He says, “We just failed to remove Nkurunziza from power. The aim is still there. This situation can lead to genocide.”

Burundi is facing its deepest political crisis in a decade. Opponents say the president’s re-election bid violates the constitution and a peace deal that ended the civil war in 2005. President Nkurunziza cites a court ruling saying he can run again.

The UN, African states, and Western nations have expressed alarm about the arming of Imbonerakure, the youth wing of the ruling party.

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Photo: Burundian Army General Leonard Ngendakumana, who backed a failed coup in May and a deputy to the leader of the aborted uprising, speaks during a Reuters interview in the outskirts of Kampala Uganda, July 9, 2015. Credit: REUTERS/James Akena