Burkina Faso: Calls for aid as floods set to worsen

| August 17, 2015

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Heavy rains and flooding in and around Ouagadougou have affected nearly 20,000 people, say local officials. More than 60 tonnes of cereal harvests and some livestock were carried away by the floods. Many parts of Burkina Faso’s capital city remain under water.

Aboubacar Mlougou is a representative of the National Council for Emergency Aid and Rehabilitation. He says: “Everyone has lost their food reserves [and] their farms, and [people] are now in need of assistance. Without aid, they [may have] to sell whatever items survived the floods.”

Ibrahima Barry is head of the UN coordinating body for emergency aid in Burkina Faso. She says, “A request for support has been sent to all humanitarian partners … We need to mobilize resources immediately to save lives.”

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Photo: Houses destroyed in Bissighin, a suburb in the north of Ouagadougou. Credit: Brahima Ouedraogo/IRIN