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Our updated website makes it easier to find all of our Scripts, available in more than 20 languages

Farm Radio International has been producing radio scripts for 45 years, sharing them with radio partners around the world. Originally, these scripts were put in the mail, but today, we post radio scripts and other information resources to our website, so they are easily shared by email and by WhatsApp and found by interested readers. 

Our Scripts website recently got an update, better organizing and showcasing the thousands of scripts, backgrounders, suggested interview questions, and more that we produce. It’s easier than ever to search for the format and topic you are looking for.

For more details on how to search the site, watch this video: https://youtu.be/VYj7cydLxwY [1] 

And for an overview of the new website: https://youtu.be/ob_izxLcu5k [2] 

It’s also easier to find resources that have been translated into local African languages. We currently have 280 resources available in 26 African languages, and are regularly translating older and newer scripts and other resources into local languages. 

To find all of our Scripts, go to scripts.farmradio.fm. [3] In the top green menu bar, you will see five major languages. You can browse the website in these languages and find many resources available in them. At the bottom of the home page, you will see about a dozen languages. In some languages, we only have one or two resources available (most often our COVID-19 vaccine information), while in other languages we have several. *Note that different languages are shown on the English and French homepages. 

Please let us know if there’s a language you’d like more resources translated into. You can email us at radio@farmradio.org or let your networking officer / WhatsApp group facilitator know. 

Many of our training resources are also available in other languages. You can browse the Training website in seven languages, but some Broadcaster how-to guides are also available in other languages, including Bambara and Yoruba. If it’s available, the translation will be linked on the Broadcaster how-to guide and also found on the Scripts site page for available translations [4]

We hope you find what you are looking for and that these resources help you to create more and better programming for your rural audience.