Vijay Cuddeford, editor and writer, Farm Radio Weekly

| May 14, 2012

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The first radio script I wrote for Farm Radio International (then called Developing Countries Farm Radio Network or DCFRN), was published in January 1997. For the next decade, I wrote occasional pieces for Farm Radio, while doing research and writing for other organizations, mostly on the environmental impacts of farming. Then, in the fall of 2005, I became the managing editor of Farm Radio International. As managing editor, I coordinate the production of script packages.

I have been involved as an editor and some-time writer for Farm Radio Weekly since its inception. As the main copy editor, you can blame me if you find any typos! I have been fortunate enough to visit many parts of Africa and many different radio stations on six working trips for Farm Radio International over the last six years. Outside of work, my main pastime is distance running. I run three or four times a week with a running club. I run for fun and for my health, but I confess to being ambitious and wanting to run as fast as I can! I just completed my first Boston Marathon a few weeks ago, an accomplishment I’m very proud of!

One of my favourite FRW stories was published in January 2011. It’s from the Democratic Republic of Congo, and is called “Marketing by Motorcycle.” I especially enjoy hearing how motorcycle taxi drivers and food traders have responded creatively to a new situation: the increased affordability of motorcycles. This new situation benefits both traders and consumers – who can now buy and sell fresher fish and produce. It also benefits the women who don’t have to carry heavy loads for many kilometres, and the motorcycle taxi driver whose income has doubled. While the new system isn’t perfect, it’s a great example of villagers responding creatively to a new reality.

DR Congo: Marketing by Motorcycle (Syfia Grand Lacs), FRW 140, January 2011.

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