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Togo: Papaya seeds can cure chicken diseases (Spore Magazine)

Researchers have found a simple solution to a problem plaguing Togo’s chicken farmers. According to the country’s agronomic research institute, more than 50 per cent of poultry deaths are caused by intestinal parasites. Now the cure is as close as the nearest papaya tree.

The research institute found that powdered papaya seeds can treat both gastrointestinal worms and the parasite coccidioides. To cure worms, researchers gave chickens three grams of powdered papaya seeds for every kilogram of live weight. This dose was repeated for two days. Treating coccidioides requires a higher dose over a longer period of time. Chickens were cured with 3.5 grams of powdered papaya seeds for every kilogram of live weight, given for six consecutive days.

According to researchers, the papaya seed treatment is 100 per cent effective. Mathieu Koffi is a Togolese poultry farmer. He says the discovery makes him feel safer. The veterinary drugs normally used to treat these parasites are too expensive for most farmers and difficult to source locally.