Profit from sunflowers, profit from home gardening. And: whose land is it, anyway?

    | April 15, 2013

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    Welcome to Farm Radio Weekly issue #242.

    This issue brings stories from Uganda and Burkina Faso. In Lira District, northern Uganda, Mr. Odongo George had been struggling to feed his family while growing cotton as a cash crop. But a neighbour showed him that, by switching to sunflowers, there is money to be made from the soil.

    Breastfeeding women in Burkina Faso are going back to school! To counter malnutrition, the women have learned how to supplement their diets – and those of their breastfeeding infants – by growing vegetables in school gardens, then applying their lessons at home.

    April 17 is the International Day of Peasant Struggles. Across the world, people are losing their lands and habitats to corporate and multinational interests. This week in Tanzania, Maasai people will be ejected from a fifteen hundred square kilometre area of the Serengeti. In what is being described as a “green grab,” the pastoralists face dislocation from their traditional grazing lands in the name of conserving wildlife habitat. But is there another reason for the decision?

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    –          The Farm Radio Weekly Team