Notes to broadcasters: Post-harvest storage

    | October 28, 2013

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    Farm Radio Weekly published a story in issue #263, Community granary protects stored crops (October 2013), which looked at community granaries. You can revisit it by following this link:

    The story was accompanied by Notes to broadcasters on post-harvest storage (#263, October 2013) which contained several links to FRI scripts, as well as information published by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the World Bank and the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Centre. You can read it at this address:

    This week’s story features a traditional method of drying and storage. Farm Radio Weekly has produced stories on this topic before. Traditional seeds help Sekhukhune District fight hunger (#146, February 2011) can be downloaded here:, and the Notes which were published with it are available through this link:

    There are more scripts on the topic in Farm Radio Resource Packs. These include Farmers use traditional seed storage in Botswana (, FRRP #56, script #3, July 2000), Avoid farm losses by improving storage methods (, FRRP #66, script #3, March 2003) and an entire pack of scripts on the subject of Post-harvest (FRRP #79, November 2006) at:

    There is an interesting article on the Africa Agriculture News website on a related subject, the preservation of food for later use. Traditional food preservation answer to wasteful world can be read here:

    How do your listeners store their harvests? Are they forced to sell their crops at harvest time, or can they store them until the price is right? Why not interview farmers to find out? You may discover hidden local knowledge on how to store crops without suffering damaging losses.