Notes to broadcasters on ‘devil tree’:

    | November 30, 2009

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    Prosopis juliflora, or ‘devil tree,’ as it’s commonly called, was introduced to eastern African in the 1970s and has gained infamy in the last several years as it has taken over dryland areas. Earlier this year, the Kenya Forestry Research Institute found that 27 million hectares of land were at risk due to the tree.

    The World Agroforestry Centre has conducted extensive research on Prosopis juliflora.
    -Here you can find a short discussion on the risks and opportunities presented by the tree:

    -Here is a working paper based on a case study in the Lake Baringo area of Kenya, published in 2005:

    Here are two ideas for call-in/text-in shows that could serve as a follow up to this news story:
    – Encourage listeners to identify invasive species in their areas and detail steps they and their communities take to control the species.
    -Iinviting listeners to share their stories of pursuing new sources of income or alternative livelihoods in response to a major challenge.