Notes to broadcasters: Dams and land grabbing

    | June 17, 2013

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    The story on which this article was based (“Reporter arrested after covering evictions in Ethiopia dam region,” Newstime Africa, May 31, 2013) can be read at this link:

    Further stories on the Grand Renaissance Dam and the Gibe III dam projects are available through these links: “Landgrabbing to Provide Horn of Africa with Electricity” (IPS, June 5, 2013) ; “Ethiopia diverts Nile for huge $4.7 billion hydro dam” (Reuters, May 28, 2013); and “Egypt “war” talk raises Ethiopia Nile dam stakes” (Reuters, June 10, 2013)

    Further information on the Gibe III dam, and the relocation of the local community, can be accessed through the following links: “The Omo Valley tribes” (; and “Hundreds of thousands face relocation in Ethiopia’s land grab” (Africa Review, April 17, 2013)

    This story’s subject is linked to land grabbing. Recent Notes to broadcasters on that subject (Issue #247, May 2013) are available through this link:

    Some stories about dams are positive. You can read “Tanzania: Managing water with micro-dams” (FRW #150, March 2011) here: and “A Community Builds a Groundwater Dam to Solve its Water Problems” (Radio Resource Pack 71, June 2004) here:

    Some dams have led to unexpected benefits. Read the story of the Katse Dam, Lesotho, through this link: (“Lesotho: Fishing for work in Lesotho,” Issue #241, April 2013)

    How is your community affected by dams? Does the community have enough water for farmers’ fields and power for their houses? Are farmers affected by land grabbing for industrial or agricultural projects?