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    | June 7, 2010

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     African Farm News in Review

    1. East Africa: East Coast Fever vaccine registered in three East African countries (by Sawa Pius, for Farm Radio Weekly, in Tanzania)

    2. Kenya: Farmers use drought-resistant crops and improved access to water to adapt to climate change (Farm Radio Weekly, Scientific American)

    3. East Africa: Countries negotiate for their fair share of Nile water (AllAfrica, IRIN)

    Upcoming Events

    -31 July, 2010: Deadline to apply to essay contest on youth, rural development and ICTs

    Radio Resource Bank

    -Biodiversity reporting guidelines developed by IPS and partners

    Farm Radio Action

    -Listen to four audio productions on farmer innovations

    -Canadian Council for International Cooperation – funding at risk

    Farm Radio Script of the Week

    -A farmer suffocates stem borers to death and saves his cocoa farm