Indigenous Nguni cattle find favour in South Africa

    | May 16, 2011

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    This week, we present two stories to mark the International Day for Biological Diversity on May 22. The theme for this year is “Forest Biodiversity.” You can find out more at:  While biodiversity refers to the variety of life on our planet, agricultural biodiversity refers to the variety of life relevant to agriculture. For a definition and discussion of agricultural biodiversity, visit: The African Biodiversity Network’s website provides information on current debates in biodiversity within Africa:

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    Our first story is about agricultural biodiversity, and how an indigenous breed of cattle is returning to favour. Nguni cattle have long been appreciated by farmers in South Africa, but scientists and government are increasingly appreciating how well-adapted this breed is to local conditions. Read how the Nguni breed has made a comeback. 

    In other news this week, Liberia is the latest country to sign an agreement with the European Union to ban illegal logging.

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