Fruit changes farmers’ lives

    | November 19, 2012

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    One of this week’s stories introduces a farmer who grows strawberries, a temperate fruit new to his area. Growing fruit has a variety of benefits. But until recently, in many areas it was not acceptable for women to plant and cultivate fruit trees. Now that more women are involved in tree planting, many are growing fruit trees to boost their income.

    But fruit trees not only boost income. They also improve family health by diversifying a family’s diet and the sorts of nutrients a family consumes. Many types of fruit trees can benefit farm families, including temperature fruits such as apples and pears, as well as fruits grown in warmer climates: mangoes, oranges, passion fruit, bananas, pineapples, guavas, avocados, papayas, and coconuts.

    The following script helps farmers who are interested in producing these fruit crops understand some of the benefits of growing fruit, and offers some basic information on planting three different types of fruit trees – avocado, pineapple and banana.