Fences, clinics and bees: Another day in the life of an African farmer

    | June 16, 2014

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    Thank you for taking the time to open this Farm Radio Weekly email. In issue #293, we present three stories about farmers in Congo-Brazzaville, Tanzania and Zambia who are dealing with very different situations.

    The ongoing conflict between plant-growing and animal-herding farmers is nothing new. Livestock farmers in Congo-Brazzaville allow their animals to roam free, meaning that crops are often eaten or destroyed. New legislation may solve the problems that crop growers and their families are facing.

    Many farmers live in remote areas, and extension workers often have a problem getting to them. One solution is “plant clinics,” which were recently introduced in Tanzanian markets. Farmers bring their problem plants to a waiting “crop doctor.”

    Joseph Lungu may not be formally educated, but he recognized a good thing when he saw it! The farmer turned his exhausted patch of sandy land into a forested haven for bees, and is reaping a new harvest – honey.

    The annual World Day to Combat Desertification is marked on June 17. Check out our Event section, where you can find UN resources and information, as well as a link to Farm Radio materials on this subject.

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