Farmers’ group benefits by building their own marketplace

    | July 2, 2012

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    The National Federation of Women and Comoros Farmers has taken the unusual step of building their own market. Inspired by their president, Mohamed Soilih, the farmers’ group has established a market which, because of the minimal selling fee passed on to customers by the Federation, can sell produce cheaply while paying farmers well enough to earn a good living.

    Our second story comes from Congo-Brazzaville, where coastal farmers are being hurt by the changing climate. Cassava, groundnut and maize harvests are particularly affected. Some farmers are considering relocating to escape the effects of increased heat and decreased rainfall.

    The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, also known as Rio+20, took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from June 20-22. Farm Radio Weekly’s Nelly Bassilly was there and brings us her perspective on the atmosphere at the conference.

    Check out this week’s Action section, where we profile the work of our broadcasting partner, Radio Bison a Biso. This station’s programs are aimed at improving relations between two groups of people with different cultures – Bantus and indigenous people. Its success is seen in the fact that conflicts in this forested region of the Republic of the Congo are now few.


    -The Farm Radio Weekly team