Certified success: choosing the right crop for the market

    | March 18, 2013

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    Welcome to Issue 239 of Farm Radio Weekly!

    This issue contains stories from Côte d’Ivoire, Congo-Brazzaville and Tanzania.

    Cocoa farmers in Côte d’Ivoire are achieving success and receiving more money with certified cocoa harvests. Many farmers have entered into trading and training partnerships with international firms to supply cocoa to world markets. The certified cocoa satisfies consumers’ taste for properly-managed farms and fairer prices for farmers.

    A sweet potato farmer in Congo-Brazzaville has identified her market and is supplying women who buy her wares for processing.

    We highlight the story of a sesame initiative in Tanzania. A project has trained farmers to grow the crop with resounding success, and the farmers are now receiving better prices due to their cooperative efforts. The group is supplying sesame for the export market to overseas customers.

    Finally, following on from Issue #238, we invite you to follow the story of FRW’s contributor from Zimbabwe, Zenzele Ndebele, who was charged by the authorities with possessing smuggled radios. Please check out his Twitter feed @zenzele

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