Zimbabwe farmers still waiting to benefit from land reform

    | August 1, 2011

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    Many thanks to everyone who responded to the FRW subscriber survey. In the Farm Radio Action section below, we present some highlights. We welcome your reactions!

    Some small-scale farmers in western Zimbabwe still hope to benefit from land reform. They claim that people from outside the region are given land though they have been on waiting lists for years. Read more below.

    In our second story, we hear how women in Malawi are working hard to improve their water supply system: digging ditches, laying pipes and learning how to maintain taps. They are happy that they will be able to look after the water systems themselves in the future.

    Finally this week, we report how the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food is calling for the international community to re-examine sanctions imposed on Madagascar. On a recent mission, he noted the negative effect of sanctions on food security, warning that the island nation is “on the brink of a major humanitarian crisis.”