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Welcome to all!

And a special welcome to our newest subscribers: Dellaphine Rauch-Houekpon, from SNV Benin; Amadou Dona Fayassoro Soro, from Radio Arc en Ciel in Côte d’Ivoire; Idrissa Ousseini, from Radio Communautaire Boukoki FM in Niger; Ademola Aremu, from the Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State, Ibadan, in Nigeria; Yannick Ndoinyo, from Ramat Radio in Tanzania; Privat Tiburce Massanga and Marius Moumpeté, from Radio Biso na Biso in the Republic of Congo; Oscar Assenga, Johny Benedicto, Benedict Kaguo, Keshe Ridhiwani, and Sophia Wakati, from Mwambao FM Radio in Tanzania; Nzia Avo, from Radio Communautaire Simba, and Mbemba Dekanto, Aimée Elala, Flavien Ingumba, and Godéfroid Pindi Zanga, from Radio Kimvuka na Luntondo, all in the Democratic Republic of the Congo; and Simon Nyangas, from UBC, and Kanagi Akileo and Enoch Kyambadde, from KKCR, all in Uganda. We hope you find being part of the FRW community an enriching experience.

This week’s edition begins with a fascinating story about how farmers in Western Kenya are adapting to climate change. Tired of losing their maize crops to unpredictable weather, the farmers tried another crop – one that used to be considered a weed, but is now a major source of food and income. Our second story looks at some new techniques that Botswanan farmers are experimenting with to keep marauding elephants away from their crops. Finally, we’ll hear how a crop grown by small-scale Tanzanian farmers will be filling wine glasses around the world.

Look to the Upcoming Events section to find out whether you or someone in your organization should be nominated for their work in HIV and AIDS communication. And be sure to read the Farm Radio Action section to hear how Radio Simba in Uganda showcased the talents of local women on International Women’s Day.

Finally, please note that, due to Easter holidays, there will be no FRW published on Monday, April 5. We will return to regular publication the following week.

To all those who will celebrate the upcoming holiday, we wish you a Happy Easter!

Happy reading!

-The Farm Radio Weekly Team