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    | November 30, 2009

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    We are delighted to once again welcome new subscribers from a variety of radio, news, and agricultural organizations across Africa. This week’s new subscribers are: Sanon David, from L’Essentiel du Faso in Burkina Faso; Daniel Odame, from Kings Radio in Ghana; Elizabeth Opudo, from the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation, and Odera Wickliffe, from Radio Sahara, both in Kenya; Sonigitu Ekpe-Aji, from the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources in Nigeria; Richard Kambulu, from Shilohl FM Radio in Zambia; and Firoze Manji, from the pan-African news and advocacy organization, Pambazuka News.

    This week’s news stories deal with two major livelihoods in eastern Africa – pastoralism and coffee farming. Our first news story looks at a major challenge facing pastoralists in the northern regions of Ethiopia and Kenya. An invasive tree species commonly known as the “devil tree” is taking over grazing lands and pushing out indigenous trees, forcing some pastoralists to find new ways to earn an income. Our second story turns to Uganda, where coffee farmers have discovered a way to boost their income by up to 50 per cent, simply by adding bananas to their fields. Their success has led to recommendations for coffee and banana farmers across eastern Africa.

    Look to the Upcoming Events section to learn how to get involved in AMARC-WIN’s campaign during the 16 days of activism against gender violence. Turn to the Radio Resource section to read the declaration made by The People’s Food Sovereignty Forum, an alternative to The World Summit on Food Security, held in November. And for a final chance to have your voice heard in the 2009 Farm Radio Weekly Subscriber Survey, scroll to the Farm Radio Action section.

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