| March 14, 2011

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    Welcome to our second set of stories on seed ownership. Read the Notes to Broadcasters for background information on this topic. There, you will also find links to resources which examine issues related to modern and traditional seeds, including access to and use of these seeds.

    In a story from Zimbabwe, farmers talk about their experiences and preferences with modern and traditional seeds. Farmers in Malawi describe some of the traditional methods they use for selecting and preserving seed. Supported by local NGOs, they are keen to continue these traditions.

    In other news this week, farmers in Mali are beginning to worry about recent increases in grain prices. With poor harvests this year, many will need to purchase grain to get them through the lean season.

    Finally, we present a new script written for Farm Radio Weekly by Pacôme Tomètissi. The script tells the story of a community’s experience growing organic cotton. We welcome your feedback on our new look! Send your comments and suggestions to us at: farmradioweekly@farmradio.org

    The Farm Radio Weekly team