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‘We might have to sell our possessions’

You might think that farmers are benefiting from recent rises in food prices, as they would get better prices for their produce. But for small-scale farmers in particular, this is rarely the case. In one of this week’s stories, farmers in Uganda explain why they cannot afford sugar, let alone new clothes or school fees. 

In Malawi, farmers have discovered that planting one maize seed per hole and adjusting the distance between holes has increased their maize yields. Read the details below.

In our third story this week, we hear how farmers in rural Zambia are benefiting from new roads. They are making plans to expand production now that they can more easily access markets.

In the Action section this week we announce a new service – an online community for radio broadcasters across Africa. But first we need to find a great name for it. Read more about the new community and how to send us your name suggestions below!  

-The Farm Radio Weekly team