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Water: The driving force of all nature

Welcome to issue 263 of Farm Radio Weekly. In this week’s stories of African farmers rising to meet their daily challenges, we hear about the different impacts of water on farmers in Cameroon and Kenya.

Heavy rains have been damaging farmers’ crops in northern Cameroon. After harvest, farmers are having problems storing their crops. But now, farmers are working together and pooling their harvests in a purpose-built granary.

In Kenya, some Maasai pastoralists are turning to the soil as a source of food and income. Mrs. Margaret Noah and her husband are growing and selling fresh vegetables, aided by a drip irrigation scheme they have installed in their garden. With the sales of their crops, the couple is no longer completely reliant on their animals.

Our Script of the Week deals with an age-old problem: how best to store potatoes after harvest. Potatoes must be kept in airy, cool, dark, dry places. Mr. Githenya has discovered how to use sawdust to keep his potatoes fresh and saleable for months. Read more in the Script of the Week section.

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