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    | June 8, 2009

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    We welcome our newest subscribers : Charles Tchatchoua, from NGO Groupement d’intérêt commun in Cameroon; Zemen Endale, from The Voice of Truth Media Ministry in Ethiopia; and Dominique Colonna-Cesari, from Transcape NPO in South Africa. And we are pleased to welcome all of our readers to a special edition of Farm Radio Weekly.

    This week we begin a four-part series on one of the most important agricultural issues of the day: land grabbing, or the lease or purchase of arable land by governments, companies, or other investors. We begin our coverage with an overview to bring you up-to-date on the issue. This overview features references to some of the latest research, and interviews with international actors.

    We then feature a news story by new Farm Radio Weekly correspondent, David De Dau, in Southern Sudan. David spoke to people in the Madi community, who found themselves the victims of land grabbing in the post-conflict state of lawlessness.

    The news section closes with an encouraging story from Southern Africa about farm workers gaining rights to land after years of working on other people’s farms. As always, our Notes to Broadcasters provides more information on the issues in the news, including questions to investigate if land grabbing is happening in your area, and a map of countries involved in land deals.

    As our series continues in the coming weeks, we will feature three more original news stories about communities affected by land grabbing and the action they are taking to assert their rights. If people in your area have been affected by the sale or lease of local land, we invite you to share their story with the Farm Radio Weekly community. You may do so by clicking on “Post a Comment” at the Farm Radio Weekly website (http://weekly.farmradio.org/). Or e-mail FRW Editor Heather Miller at hmiller@farmradio.org for more information on becoming a correspondent.

    While we continue to explore the issue of land grabbing, we will also keep tabs on our favourite expectant couple from Tanzania, through the script series Let’s talk about it: A young couple plans pregnancy and childbirth. And to hear the story of how Farm Radio International was born, please visit the Farm Radio Action section.

    Happy reading!

    -The Farm Radio Weekly Team