Warm greetings to all!

    | November 16, 2009

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    We extend a special welcome to our newest subscribers: Bolivar Makobo Kabange, from a farmers’ co-operative in the Democratic Republic of Congo; Muzaliwa Loochi, from Restore Hope in Africa, in the Democratic Republic of Congo; Ndey Bakurin, from Women inAction, in The Gambia; John Adelamo, from Newlight Farms in Nigeria; Said Komba, from the Agricultural Research Institute-DSM Tanzania; and James Ssenabulya, from Nakaseke Community Multimedia Centre/Nakaseke Community Radio, in Uganda.

    We would like to remind all of our subscribers to please take a few moments to complete the 2009 FRW Survey. This survey was e-mailed to subscribers on November 6. Those who complete the survey by November 20 will be entered into two draws for Sansa MP3 players – the first to be held on November 20, and the second on December 4. Don’t miss your opportunity to have your voice heard, and your chance to win!

    This week’s news stories touch on two very different issues from two sides of the African continent. Our first story comes from Mozambique, where farming communities are is enjoying the benefits of involvement in a carbon credit scheme. Farmers are earning income for planting and conserving trees, as well as from tree crops and beekeeping. Our second story comes from Mali, where plant breeders have developed new hybrid sorghum varieties that promise much higher yields. The notes to broadcasters that accompany this story provide additional information and discussion points on the subject of hybrid versus traditional crops.

    Happy reading!

    -The Farm Radio Weekly Team