Victory for cotton farmers

    | July 11, 2011

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    Cotton is vital to Burkina Faso’s economy. But cotton farmers felt they were getting a poor deal. In our first story, read how they demanded improvements and how some of their demands were met. Some farmers have now planted more land to cotton as a result of the changes.

    This week, international aid agencies launched an appeal to address the situation in the Horn of Africa where the drought has left 10 million people needing emergency food aid. For updates and analysis, visit: or

    In other news, Kenya has approved the import of GM maize. The GM maize will be milled for human consumption and will address the predicted maize shortage.

    Finally, there is still time to contribute to the survey mentioned in last week’s issue. Your answers to this survey will help determine whether agricultural training videos can be a useful resource for radio stations. Click here to fill in the short questionnaire:

    -The Farm Radio Weekly team