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The good effects of tobacco, animal breeding and radio!

Welcome to the latest issue of Farm Radio Weekly.

In issue 256, you can read about a woman in Cameroon who is putting tobacco to good use, efforts to improve livestock in western Kenya, and farmers in Ghana who have increased their yields of cashew nuts after listening to the radio!

After her harvest was destroyed by weevils, Assana Boubacar learned the secret of natural pesticides. Using only chili pepper and tobacco, the farmer from Cameroon has earned enough money to pay for her son to graduate from school.

A research institute in Kenya has enabled pastoralists to improve their herds. The crossbred animals have proved so successful that both men and women have been able to earn a living by caring for their animals at home.

In Ghana, farmers have been listening to the radio! Cashew growers have been learning new techniques to improve their orchards. A series of programs, devised by FRI and the African Cashew Initiative, has brought a range of issues to the attention of the growers. By listening to the series and acting upon its advice, they have boosted their yields.

The FRI team in Tanzania has been busy forming Community Listening Groups to take part in the latest series of FRI Participatory Radio Campaigns being broadcast in the country. Read more on that in our Action piece.

It’s a very exciting time to be part of the Farm Radio family, and we hope that you enjoy the stories in this issue.

Good reading!

-the Farm Radio Weekly team