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Tea producers sell leaves to private buyer for higher price

Burundian tea producers are now selling their tea leaves to a private company at a higher price. That has the state-owned buyer Office du Thé Burundais scrambling as they see their monopoly slip.

Last week, we mentioned that drought in the Horn of Africa has left 10 million people in need of emergency food aid. This week, we bring you stories of Somalian farmers and pastoralists who were forced to flee their homes because of the drought. While food aid is important, NGO workers are warning that long-term planning to help Somalian farmers and pastoralists adapt to climate change is just as important.

Finally, more Africans are turning to urban farming. Africans like Charles Kwebingira. When he was laid off from the Uganda Railways Corporation, Mr. Kwebingira did not walk away cursing. Instead, he approached the management and asked them to rent him railway land to grow vegetables.

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