Simple solutions and complex issues

    | August 26, 2013

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    Welcome to this week’s edition of Farm Radio Weekly. In issue #258, we bring you stories of farmers in Cameroon and Tanzania, and news of clashes between pastoralists and farmers in Ghana.

    Farmers near Yaoundé, Cameroon, have responded to decreased and unpredictable rainfall by constructing a reservoir near their fields. The reliable supply of water has allowed Henri Fotso to produce a continuous supply of vegetables for sale.

    Schoolgirls in Tanzania have discovered an excellent way to raise money for their school fees! A local NGO has hatched a plan to teach the girls how to raise chickens. The profits from local market sales mean the girls will pay for their education themselves, and their parents and guardians will not have to make sacrifices to raise the money.

    There is news from Gambia that tensions between pastoralists and farmers are rising. In the last five years, many Africans have been killed or injured in these kinds of clashes. The ongoing fighting shows that conflicts about land, water and grazing rights need to be addressed.

    The Script of the Week also raises issues connected with land and animals. Set in Rwanda, where traditional livestock are important to many farmers, it highlights the issues of climate change, improved breeds of cattle, and better practices in animal husbandry. Find it below the Farm Radio Action section

    Grab a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy reading this issue: we are sure you will!

    -The Farm Radio Weekly team