Radio stations under attack in Democratic Republic of the Congo

    | November 17, 2008

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    The following news item was reported by We invite you to use the comments section of this article to share your experiences of operating a radio station during a period of conflict, and/or share a message of solidarity with the station that was recently attacked in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo.

    Kiwanja community radio station Ushrika Racou was ransacked and looted Tuesday, November 4, by National Congress for the Defence of the People (CNDP) forces, rendering it unable to broadcast, reported the NGO Benevolencia. The staff fled. Reports that one journalist was shot and killed turned out, happily, to be untrue.

    Other community radio stations shut down so staff could find safety and, perhaps, to prevent looting. Dorkia FM, located near the famous mountain gorilla refuge, Virunga National Park, reopened Friday, November 7. UN-funded Radio Okapi is receiving protection from UN peacekeepers.

    Most radio stations in the Nord Kivu region are sponsored either by community associations or religious organizations. Goma, the only city of size, has several commercial stations and is home to Radio Okapi. State broadcaster RTNC has stations in Goma and Butembo.