Potatoes, pedal power and policemen

    | February 24, 2014

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    If you can read this, then you are tuned to Farm Radio Weekly. In issue #279, we bring you stories of urban farmers, irrigators and evictees.

    Residents of Bulawayo have discovered they don’t need land to grow potatoes and sell them to local markets. Using sacks, soil and manure, these entrepreneurial urban farmers are making a good profit from their efforts.
    Nigerian widow Unero Gambo and her three children used to walk miles to fetch water. Now her family spends less time walking and more time at school, after buying a water pump to irrigate their garden.
    To hear that someone has lost their home is distressing. Hearing that an entire Kenyan tribe has been moved out of their traditional forest home is staggering. Find out more in our story, Kenyan security forces evict forest dwellers.
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    Too many people in the world think that small-scale African farmers are merely waiting for the next handout. Let’s keep working together to shatter this illusion!