Palm wastes produce profits!

    | November 19, 2012

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    Our first story this week is from Cameroon where a farmer, Seraphin Mbog Massock, has discovered that he can make a small profit from the palm wastes that he used to throw away. Palm residues can be sold and used as fuel, animal feed or palm oil.

    A farmer in Comoros has also made a new discovery – strawberries. Ridjali Abdou is the only strawberry farmer in the country. He is still learning and finding markets but earns more from this fruit than he used to from vegetables.

    Farmers in the Boyard Valley of Senegal had almost abandoned rice farming a few years ago. But since they learned new techniques, yields have increased and they are proud to announce that they can now eat their own rice all year round.

    This week we are happy to announce the two winners of the George Atkins Communication Award. Lazarus Laiser from Tanzania and Emmanuel Asamoah from Ghana were recently honoured at a ceremony in Tanzania. Read more below!

    -The Farm Radio Weekly team