Notes to broadcasters: Vegetable farming

    | April 22, 2013

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    People grow vegetables for many reasons. Farm Radio Weekly has published stories of farmers across Africa who grow vegetables to improve family nutrition: ( ) ; to improve profits: ( ); or simply because they see no reason  to stop farming ( ).

    There are many things to consider when growing vegetables for profit. This Notes to broadcasters from January 2012 (issue 187) provides links to scripts on how farmers are embracing new techniques to identify and supply their markets:

    A story from February 2012 (issue 188) shows how radio programs can encourage farmers to improve their production and make money from selling their wares:

    The World Vegetable Centre, or AVRDC, has produced several online guides on how to grow different kinds of vegetables ( ). The guides cover field practices, major pests and diseases, and even post-harvest handling of produce and seeds. There is also a section on integrated pest management. Why not base a program, or series of programs, on one or more of these crop guides? It will definitely be of interest to your listeners.