Notes to broadcasters on women’s protest:

    | April 20, 2009

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    This news story raises issues of gender equality, land rights, and farm workers’ rights that you may wish to explore through programs at your station. The following FRW stories and Farm Radio scripts provide more information and program ideas:

    -“Women seek shared control of family assets” (FRW#51, January 2009):

    Women fight for equal land rights” (FRW#50, January 2009)

    Some progress towards defending farm workers’ rights” (FRW#33, August 2008)
    -“Group advocates for women farmers’ rights” (FRW#17, April 2008):
    -The Grim Fate of Farm Labourers in the Western Cape, South Africa (Package 81, Script 5, August 2007):
    -Women, Property, and Inheritance (Package 73, Script 4, January 2005):