Notes to broadcasters on weather information:

    | July 13, 2009

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    As we see in this story, unpredictable and changing weather makes it harder for African fishers and farmers to plan. Accurate weather information can save lives and livelihoods. It allows farmers to better prepare for the planting and growing seasons.

    The Global Humanitarian Forum recently published a report called The Anatomy of a Silent Crisis. The report underlines the scientific finding that sub-Saharan Africa is the region facing the most immediate risk of droughts and floods due to climate change, and that agricultural yields in some parts of Africa are expected to fall substantially.

    -To view the full report, The Anatomy of a Silent Crisis, click on this link:
    -For more information on the Weather Info for All initiative, go to:

    Farm Radio International has produced the following articles and scripts about farmers and the changing climate:
    “Weather forecasts to reach more rural communities” (FRW#60, March 2009)
    How farmers can adapt to a changing climate (Package 64, Script 1, July 2002)

    You can also view all the winning scripts from last year’s scriptwriting competition African Farmers’ Strategies for Coping with Climate Change here:

    You may also do your own story about weather information for fishers and farmers in your area. Why not interview fishers and farmers about how they are dealing with climate change and what strategies they use? Here are some questions that can help you in your research:
    -How are farmers and/or fishers in your area dealing with the changing climate?
    -Where do they get their weather information? Are there traditional methods for weather observation that work well? Are there traditional methods for predicting weather that work well? What are they and how do they use them?
    -What methods have farmers and fishers been using to adapt to climate change?

    Does your radio station broadcast weather information to your listening audience? Where do you get your weather forecasts from? We would like to know. Share your stories with the Farm Radio Weekly community by posting a comment on the FRW website ( Or send an email with your stories to, and we will share them in a future issue of FRW.