Notes to broadcasters on Sudan

    | October 17, 2011

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    The Nuba Mountains are located in South Kordofan province, Sudan, which borders the newly independent country of South Sudan. Fighting erupted here in June. Aid agencies have been unable to operate in the region.

    For further news items related to the continued unrest in this region, see:

    -“UN mission accuses Sudan of shelling and torturing civilians in Nuba war”

    -“Sudan rebel chief urges govt to stop bombing civilians”

    -“Sudan rebels say Khartoum using food as a weapon”

    These websites for and about the Nuba people may be of interest:

    Nuba Mountains homepage

    Nuba Survival Foundation

    This website provides a lot of information and resources for radio stations involved in building peace:

    Farm Radio International has produced scripts which discuss conflict and its aftermath.

    Scripts in package 67, distributed in June 2003, deal with the themes of conflict and rebuilding lives after conflict. The feature article in the June 2003 edition of Voices, available at, provides good background information for creating programming on these themes.

    Here are some examples of scripts on the theme:

    -Rebuilding Local Seed Supplies After Armed Conflict or Other Emergency Situations (Package 67, Script 1, June 2003).

    -Women Face Many Challenges After Conflict (Package 67, Script 8, June 2003).

    -Mummy Tiger and Her Babies: How Children Experience Conflict (Package 67, Script 10, June 2003).

    This website provides a lot of useful information and resources on how radio can contribute to building peace:

    If you broadcast to a region which is affected by conflict, you might consider looking for stories which feature positive examples people, especially farmers, successfully coping with conflict. These may be difficult to find, but can be inspiring and supportive for listeners. If you have examples to share with other Farm Radio Weekly readers, please let us know: