Notes to broadcasters on spinach blackboards

    | September 26, 2011

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    This story is a good example of innovating in times of need. Wild spinach (Talinum triangulare) is a free and relatively abundant plant, which is being put to good use as an ingredient in the blackboard paint. Read more about this plant at:

    Necessity is the mother of invention, and therefore of innovation. Successful farmers are often innovative; they use or recycle the resources at hand to solve many practical challenges. Farm Radio International encourages innovation and held a scriptwriting course on this topic recently. You can browse the winning scripts in Package 90 here:

    Four of the scripts were made into audio productions. Find all the links here:

    Farm Radio Weekly has also published news stories about farmer innovation, for example:

    Mozambique: A farmer builds a silo with local materials to reduce post-harvest losses (FRW 120, July 2010).

    This week’s story may inspire you to seek out local innovations. Maybe there are schools in your area which also lack basic equipment. How do they manage to provide furniture and books or writing implements for students? You could share this week’s story with these schools and record their reactions!