Notes to broadcasters on seed banks:

    | September 7, 2009

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    You may wish to find out if there is a community seed bank operating in your listening area. If so, why not interview those who operate and use the seed bank, either as part of a news story, or during an in-studio discussion.

    -How did community members determine that they needed a seed bank? How did they attract the interest of enough members to make it work?
    -How did they determine which materials to use in building the seed bank?
    -Where did the money for materials come from? Who constructed the seed bank?
    -How is the seed bank run and by whom?
    -What kinds of seeds are stored in the seed bank? Where does the seed bank get the seeds?
    -What kinds of mechanisms are in place to ensure that stored seeds will remain viable? (For example, is there cooling/refrigeration? Is a small sample of seeds planted from time to time to ensure that the seeds are still viable?)
    -What difficulties have been encountered in establishing and operating the seed bank and how were they overcome?
    -What benefits have community members enjoyed as members of the seed bank?

    You can find more information on starting a community seed bank in this week’s Script of the Week, as well as related scripts you’ll find linked to this section.