Notes to broadcasters on Sahel food crisis:

    | June 28, 2010

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    The food crisis in the Sahel has been unfolding for some months now. This week, international aid agencies are calling for increased assistance to the region. Many agencies are present in Mali, Niger and Chad, and are reporting on the conditions they find. The situation is reportedly worsening, as organizations like the World Food Programme and FAO try to reach the worst-affected areas. Broadcasters should watch for updates to this story.

    More on the food insecurity in Niger and Mali:

    A short broadcast from BBC Radio 4 this week:

    Food shortages and droughts are common throughout Africa. One way to report on them is to look at how farmers, NGOs and governments can prepare for difficult times. The situation in the Sahel affects millions of people. Try to investigate issues on a local or regional level. You could interview a range of people:
    -How do farmers and rural communities react to stories of famine from other regions?
    -Does the local government have plans in place to deal with such emergencies?
    -If your region is ever affected by flood, drought or hunger, how do NGOs and local authorities respond? Should they do more?