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Notes to broadcasters on rinderpest eradication

Rinderpest is an often fatal viral disease of domestic cattle. It also affects sheep, goats, some breeds of pigs and a large variety of wildlife species. Scientists have been working for decades to develop vaccines. As these became available, the next goal was to eradicate rinderpest globally. Many countries are now rinderpest-free. In mid-2011, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Organisation for Animal Health are expected to jointly declare  that rinderpest has indeed been eradicated worldwide.    

For more information about the global initiative to eradicate rinderpest, and basic information about rinderpest and its history, go to: http://www.iah.ac.uk/disease/rinderpest1.shtml [1].

Here, you can access a factsheet on rinderpest from the World Organisation for Animal Health:  http://www.oie.int/Eng/ressources/RINDERPEST-EN.pdf [2].

You can also read more about this story at these links:

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Farm Radio International has produced many scripts on livestock. Here are two which cover various cattle health issues:

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As cattle are so important to farmers’ livelihoods, the topic of cattle health always makes for an interesting and useful radio program. You could plan a program which shares farmers’ experiences and tips on how they deal with sick or injured animals. You could look for farmers who raise cattle and interview them for a call-in program. Ask how they deal with common illnesses, what preventative measures they take to keep their animals healthy, how they know when to call in a vet, and the social and cultural value of their animals. Ask other farmers to call- or text- in with reactions and further suggestions.