Notes to broadcasters on rabbit farming:

    | December 1, 2008

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    Rabbit farming is growing in popularity in many African countries. As this story points out, the arrival of the H5N1 strain of avian influenza has given Ivorian farmers additional motivation to try rabbits as a way to diversify their livestock holdings. You may wish to explore whether similar trends are happening in your community. For example, you could produce an on-air interview with a farmer who has tried rabbit farming, or a farmer who is working to diversify her sources of income (or, as in the case of the farmers from this story, one who are doing both at once!) Farm Radio International has many scripts available on both topics:

    Rabbit farming:
    “Raising rabbits for meat and profit: Parts 1 and 2” (Package 80, Scripts 1 and 2, March 2007):
    “Rabbits are a good source of low-fat protein: Parts 1 and 2” (Package 33, Script 1 and 2, July 1994):

    Crop diversification:
    “Diversify crops to keep your family healthy” (Package 65, Script 1, October 2002)
    “Which farmer would you rather be? A story about diversification” (Package 65, Script 8, October 2002)
    “Diversification on the farm” (Package 56, Script 1, July 2000)

    -For more information on the status of avian flu, visit the Organization for Animal Health:
    -The most recent FRW story on avian flu, related to the recent outbreak in Togo, can be found at: