Notes to broadcasters on poultry farming

    | May 2, 2011

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    Raising poultry can be an important source of revenue for farmers. Tafara Fomba in Mali uses his skills and creativity to make money with his small chicken farming operation. Farm Radio International has previously featured innovative ways in which farmers can make a living by raising poultry.

    In a previously published script, we tell the story of George Mbatha, a farmer in eastern Kenya who invented a large kerosene-heated egg incubator that poultry farmers can use to hatch as many as 600 chickens in twenty-one days. The incubators are particularly useful for farmers who do not have access to electricity. Mr. Mbatha gets excited when he talks about his incubators because he knows the huge benefits they offer to poultry farmers.

    To learn more about Mr. Mbatha’s kerosene incubator, read the script here:

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