Notes to broadcasters on pastoralism:

    | July 20, 2009

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    For more information on pastoralism, visit the following websites:
    -World Initiative for Sustainable Pastoralism:
    -Pastoralist Communication Initiative:
    -CTA article entitled “Cyber Shepherds and livestock in the Sahel”:èrent-le-bétail-au-Sahel

    Here are some Farm Radio International resources on the subject of pastoralism:
    “West Africa: Pastoralists meet new challenges – in the field and the market” (FRW #52, January 2009)
    Camels provide farmers in drylands with milk and income (Package 76, Script 4, October 2005)
    The role of native breeds in maintaining livestock health: Story ideas for the radio (Package 63, Script 3, April 2002)
    Livestock management practices to cope with climate change (Package 84, Script 7, August 2008)
    A mystery at the dairy: The importance of proper sanitation when working with animals (Package 63, Script 6, April 2002)

    Finally, here are some questions to begin a discussion or debate on the importance of livestock rearing and pastoralism in your area:
    -What percentage of the local population makes its living through pastoralism?
    -What types of investments does your national government make in livestock rearing?
    -Are there pastoralist networks in your region? What sort of services do they offer to herders?
    -What kind of access do pastoralists have to livestock markets? Can they obtain information on market prices to empower them in sales negotiations?
    -What sort of income-generating activities do pastoralist women engage in?
    -How do pastoralists in your region ensure adequate access to water and pasture during dry periods?
    -What other steps do pastoralists take to ensure their livelihoods (such as diversifying the age and species of their livestock)?
    -How are conflicts between herders and farmers resolved? What are the best mediation strategies to assure food security for both groups?